Visonic PowerMaster – the perfect security system for any homeowner

Are you looking for a wireless control panel that combines full functionality with affordability and is user-friendly? Look no further. Our home security control panel combines all the features that homeowners require, it’s small, sleek and will ensure your home is safe.

Benefits of installing an intruder alarm:


Having a working (not dummy) bell box installed acts as a great visual deterrent and means burglars are far less likely to target your property.

Protect your property,
loved ones and assets

With plenty of valuables items inside your home or stock at your business premises, an intruder alarm system gives you that added peace of mind.

Alert neighbours or police
that something’s WRONG

It’s often reported that homes without an alarms system are three times more likely to be targeted, having an audible alarm really puts of an intruder.

Our alarm systems all carry a 2-year warranty and start at just £595 +VAT. For a free security survey by one of our fully trained home security experts, please call 020 8989 2955.

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Protect your property!

Enhance your alarm system by adding from our range of peripheral devices.

Glass break

Reliable, wireless glass-break detection for plate, tempered, laminated and wired glass


Early detection of gross attacks or low-level shocks

Smoke & Heat

Loud alarm sound and visual notifications, with SirenNet feature

Carbon Monoxide (C0) Detector

Gives early warning before C0 levels become dangerous, sensor life of up to 5 years

One button Control/Emergency

Panic button automatically dials pre-determined phone numbers


Highly sensitive, detects water at ground level

Alarms you can rely on

Visonic’s ultra-compact wireless burglar alarm offers you the very latest technology in safety and security. The PowerMaster is high in reliability and performance and ensures quick and easy user-experience for any member of the family.


Visonic’s PowerMaster is a wireless control panel that delivers all of the features homeowners and professional installers need for a secure home.


Homeowners will benefit from the user-friendly 20-button keypad and easy to read LCD display. Features such as emergency and panic signalling has never been easier.


Grade-2 insurance-approved alarm systems suitable for higher risk homes and lower risk commercial premises.

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