HD CCTV solutions with industry-leading features

CCTV can significantly increase the security of your property and can act as a huge deterrent to criminals. Our professional HD CCTV (1080P) is perfect for any home or business – it is both user-friendly, easy to install and packed full of useful features including the latest state-of-the-art video analytics to help protect your property and family.

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If you are looking at a CCTV system and know the rough location where you want cameras installed, simply upload up to 4 images (normally front, rear and sides) of your property so we can give you a more accurate estimate when you speak with one of the team.

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Don’t let them get away with it!

Avoid burglars

In 3 out of 10 cases, burglars gain access through an open door or window. Intruders avoid homes with obvious security systemss.

Keep safe at home

53% of burglaries happen when someone is home. Our CCTV systems will ensure that you and your family are always safe and secure in your own home.

Help the police

95% of burglaries are unsolved by the police due to lack of sufficient evidence. With our HD 1080p CCTV systems, you can provide clear and accurate evidence for the police if an intruder enters your home.

Say goodbye to poor quality camera images
and upgrade your CCTV to HD today!

As specialist CCTV engineers, Basson offers the latest Artificial Intelligence-powered camera systems from Dahua Technology, the world’s leading camera manufacturer. From as little as £595 + VAT for a 4-camera 1080p resolution system, you can now have a CCTV system that delivers more than just evidential quality video footage.

  • Utilise your existing cables, so no need to re-cable your home or business
  • Upgrade to 1080P and 4K quality video images
  • Push alarm notifications sent direct to your mobile phone (Android and iOS) or PC
  • Record up to 30 days of continuous footage
  • Powerful video analytics such as Face Detection, Trip Wire, ANPR, EPoS Integration as standard
  • Competitive pricing and 3-year warranty on all products as standard
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All of our installers are Dahua-trained and only install Dahua Technology HD CCTV systems. Dahua is a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry. We have an extensive range of Dahua cameras on display in our high-street store, so if you’re not sure of what you need, then why not visit our CCTV showroom so you can see the products working

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Remotely warn intruders using your smartphone, tablet or desktop from anywhere in the world using our self-monitored solution!

Once your CCTV system is installed, decide where your tripwire detection zone is.
If an intruder crosses the tripwire zone, you will receive a push notification on your smartphone or tablet with a ten second video clip.
Review the ten second video clip and determine whether action is required.
Remotely dial into your recorder to play your pre-recorded warning message or speak from your device through the tannoy system and warn the intruder.
From your device, watch the intruder flee the scene and breathe a sigh of relief knowing your home is safe and secure.

Watch Live or Recorded Video on your Smartphone, PC or Mac

Having video surveillance cameras at home isn’t just good for recording break-ins, their remote viewing functionality makes them great for monitoring your property from anywhere around the world.

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Added Value Analytics

Algorithms for Trip Wire (Perimeter Protection), People Counting, Object detection and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) and EPoS Cash Register Integration all help to deliver more value from your CCTV system. With user-friendly software, remote viewing and monitoring and the ability to use your existing cables, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your CCTV system to high-definition video with powerful analytics.

Trip Wire

Alarm, video clip or snapshot will be triggered when target passes through warning line/virtual perimeter of the CCTV’s vision.

Object Detection

Based on Deep Learning, the main objective is to detect suspicious objects that are missing or have been abandoned, again sending an alarm notification.


Is a technology for automatically reading vehicle number plates and can be used to manage entry and exit at car parks and blacklist certain vehicles from gaining entry.

People Counting

3D cameras are able to distinguish people from objects and backgrounds and are ideal for understanding footfall in a retail or commercial environment.

EPOS Cash Register Integration

Keep a close eye on your business with CCTV Integration. Connect your EPOS system with your existing CCTV equipment and overlay real-time transaction data from the till directly onto CCTV video.

Active Deterrence Cameras

Get fast and accurate intrusion alerts and the ability to challenge unwanted visitors using a tannoy/speaker. Plus HD video with cameras featuring built-in white light and warning siren to enable self-monitoring.

CCTV Monitoring

Basson CCTV can provide a full range of monitoring options utilising all industry standard technologies. Learn more about monitoring.

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