Is your internet coverage slow at home or work?

Experience fast full-coverage with our mesh networking products. Blanket every corner of your home with fast and reliable Wi-Fi, each link is part of a single wireless network that allows users to share the same SSID and password, unlike traditional Wi-Fi routers.

Benefits of wireless mesh networks:


Extend your network across your home and benefit from speedy and consistent Wi-Fi


Our wireless mesh networks are designed to handle high volumes of traffic in big areas with little to no downtime.

Seamless Wi-Fi
in every room

Seamlessly connect and disconnect from individual nodes as you move around the house.

Stay online all the time!

An easy and reliable way to keep all of your devices connected!

Fast and secure connectivity

Understand the benefits of fast and reliable connectivity by blanketing your network among various nodes dotted across your home. Our mesh networks can seamlessly connect your entire house using affordable technology, guaranteeing consistent connectivity.

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